Food and drink are two of the fundamentals of a happy life. And in the modern world, where time is at such a premium, there is real value in things we make ourselves.

That’s where Better Bitter comes in. We supply everything you need for you to make your own beer, wines and preserves. We also sell things to help you be creative.

Come and visit us!

Unit 30

Market Hall

See you soon!

31 Thoughts.

  1. Looking forward to making the IPA kit I bought on Thursday. We were on a photo walk and drawn to your stand because we could see the enthusiastic way you were helping people. Drop me a mail and we’ll make sure you get the photos!

  2. Hi
    I met u this week at your new shop , did u say your name was Chris? Or was it Ian? I’m looking forward to brewing the ale I got from you …. See u soon


  3. I had the pleasure of meeting you at your shop in the Guildhall a couple of weeks ago Chris.
    I was successfully drawn in by your opening offers.
    Your enthusiasm was contagious! Look forward to visiting your shop again soon.

  4. Thanks for your help the other day – we have some white grape wine on the go (reduced by 90% grapes, natch), and 40 pints of IPA. Kev is being dead keen, hope it lasts!


  5. The IPA kit was excellent! But then u knew that right? You shop and your service is brilliant. I thoroughly recommend u to anyone out there…and everyone else

  6. Given Derby’s real ale strength as a city it’s great that we now have somewhere to help us mirror that at home. Made my first purchase from you on Saturday and look forward to more. Best wishes and good luck with the business.

  7. Hey chap, met u last week and u gave me a really good deal on Better brew midland mild, thanks for your help and will definitely be seeing you soon

  8. Hello Chris
    Thank you for all of your help to date. So far that’s a red wine, white wine, IPA and cider that I have had from you. The red wine disappeared quicker than half a pint. mmm.
    I thoroughly recommend your stall (and your effervescent enthusiasm) to all of the East Midlands and beyond. Brilliant service, excellent attitude!
    I will be bottling my IPA tonight and finalizing the wine tomorrow.

  9. Hi Chris, it was good to meet you a week last Saturday. Could you send me your blackberry wine recipe please, including the recommended yeast? Many thanks, Steve. P.S. brew fridge up and running as of Friday :)

  10. Hi Chris,
    Great to meet you today. You said you had a ginger beer recipe you could share with me?
    Look forward to visiting you again soon.


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